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No, for him, only his home in Gaea is in mind at the end. Rogue to Kitty Pride and doing the hellfire club's White Queen A certain young doctor falls victim to the overstressed Valkyrie system that she opted to use before its final version during an Uprising mission.

When a certain cyborg shows up to assist her, the situation would change into something that neither would expect.

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Does he give into the dark urges it brings out or does he try to use this great power responsibly? But no more, as we look into many alternate possibilities where not only does he get the girl but the girls are more then... The long awaited follow up to Spider Man: Apocalypse.

Time will tell..."Tell me Peter, do you want to know the greatest pain you can inflict on a man? Barriss and her student have managed to survive Order 66 and somehow manage to resurface at the time of the Rebellion era.

A plan that will require Wonder Woman to leave Earth and all she loves behind and marry his son Peter... Follow Ezra and the crew through their adventures which led to the Rebellion, destruction of the Empire, and eventually the Return of the Jedi order. Will he find a way back to his world or will he have to survive in this new one? Shinji was presumed to have died in the Twelfth Angel incident…but he returns three weeks later, but he's not the same person as he was before. Ray Stantz finds himself stranded in a parallel New York with a completely different kind of Ghostbusting team, who really need some help with a familiar foe. So random moments not in any chronological order from my SSM story.

Older, scarred and aware of the sins of the previous generation, he aims to change the outcome of humanity's fate…but has no intention of staying around later. Moments that range from Peter getting Jean Grey's virginity at a Halloween party to fucking the Invisible Woman on a ceiling during an avengers party or banging every single one of Wolverine's daughters behind his back from Laura Kinney to Jubilee.

Takes place during Justice League Unlimited, starting from "Starcrossed".

Based on "Ben 10: Unlimited" by The Incredible Muffin.

But suddenly, with the help of Dru's antics, everything turns pear-shaped, and the very fate of the world rests upon Gru, Lucy, and Jack's shoulders. An ancient enemy is rising and Darkseid recognizes the need for allies to help combat this forgotten evil. Currently four years ahead of season 1.)When Shinji comes to, he finds himself in a place he knows shouldn't exist, and being destroyed by a creature that shouldn't exist.

The only ones who can help are the Justice League and the ruler of Apokolips has a plan to secure an alliance with them. But does exist, and finds people being hurt by the devastation, so he fights for less than selfish reasons, to save the people. Not to mention, how Forged and Steel become best pals. After an experiment with a prototype trap goes awry Dr. Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore must find a way to bring Ray back home or risk losing Ray to the other world forever.

Ahsoka escapes death as she finds himself in an unfamiliar time of peace and uncertainty.

She forms a bond with the royal family of the reformed Empire while she works with them to stop a new enemy from the shadows who will push the whole galaxy over the edge.

Thousands of years ago during the First Age Morgoth and Ungoliant entered an alliance that led to the creation of a being that would help them destroy the Valar and the Elves but Ungoliant's hunger and Morgoth's deceit prevented such a calamity from unfolding.