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This is a well-known error that has not been fixed. Online Worldship PLD Reminder has encountered a problem and needs to close." If a limited user does not have sufficient rights to the If you want to change shipper numbers.

If you want to change shipper numbers on an existing UPS Online World Ship installation, you must uninstall the software and re-install.

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If dialing 3 has no effect, the technical support system is closed or not working.On July 6, 2004, for example, there was no technical support at 7 PM PST even though the recorded message said they were available until midnight eastern standard time, which is 9 PM PST.If you don't assign sufficient rights while you are logged in as administrator, you will get error messages when you run as a user.This process is not necessary if you are updating a working installation.The information here is accurate to the best of our ability to determine.

However, it is difficult to get information from UPS and it is possible there may be mistakes.

UPS World Ship Web Site: Get software updates from: see below for instructions about how to tell the system it needs to check for updates, so that it will do it semi-automatically.

Installation when there is already a version of World Ship installed: To install the UPS Online version 6.0 program over an old version, uninstall the old program. It is not necessary to log in as administrator, because you have already given full rights to all users over the User rights assignment for new computer installations.

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If you get these error messages while installing World Ship, click to make the messages go away, and try to continue the installation. It's amazing; this error message occurs every time we install a fresh copy of the software.