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The origins of tug of war are uncertain, but this sport was practised in ancient Egypt, Greece and China, where it was held in legend that the Sun and Moon played Tug of War over the light and darkness.According to a Tang dynasty book, The Notes of Feng, tug of war, under the name "hook pulling" (牽鉤), was used by the military commander of the State of Chu during the Spring and Autumn period (8th century BC to 5th century BC) to train warriors.

15 – tug of war is popularised during tournaments in French châteaux gardens and later in Great Britain 1800 – tug of war begins a new tradition among seafaring men who were required to tug on lines to adjust sails while ships were under way and even in battle.

There are tug of war clubs in many countries, and both men and women participate.

The rope must go under the arms; actions such as pulling the rope over the shoulders may be considered a foul.

These rules apply in highly organized competitions such as the World Championships.

COM - Belakangan profesi wasit menjadi perbincangan hangat.

Setelah, konroversi terjadi di laga cabang olahraga sepak takraw SEA Games 2017.Tim Putri Malaysia VS Tim Putri Indonesia pada Minggu (20/8/2017) sore.Rasa kekecewaan harus kembali dirasakan oleh kontingen Indonesia.The Oxford English Dictionary says that the phrase "tug of war" originally meant "the decisive contest; the real struggle or tussle; a severe contest for supremacy".Only in the 19th century was it used as a term for an athletic contest between two teams who haul at the opposite ends of a rope.Evidence is found in countries like Egypt, India, Myanmar, New Guinea...