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So, get caught up on the original TV series, or watch one of the new movies with your honey, and enjoy these fun printables!!

Welcome to a dating community that is light years ahead of others.It's the little things that can make a relationship sparkle like a particle beam or explode like a damaged warp core. Star Trek has had a huge following since it premiered in the 60’s and it got a whole new fan base with the new films that started being produced in 2009 – making it popular across all generations. Everyone loves a well thought out, planned date night.When we realized there wasn’t a date centered around it we had to get going! Show your spouse that you have put effort into this one by inviting them to join you!universe were more obvious, that didn't stop producers from also hiding smaller nods in the background.

Take Captain Georgiou's (Michelle Yeoh) ready room, for instance.Simply fill in the necessary data, present it to the one you love, and you are ready to go where no man – or woman;) – has gone before!To help your sweetie get excited all day long, slip these cute cards around the house or in their bag/car/desk.While non-Vulcans have used the technique before, it is a rarity.That said, as a human raised by Vulcans, it makes sense that Burnham would have a comprehensive understanding of the maneuver. Listening to Counselor Troi's pedantic psychobabble. Indulging Data in his witless exploration of humanity.