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The influence of King Frederick's personal taste in the design and decoration of the palace was so great that its style is characterised as "Frederician Rococo", and his feelings for the palace were so strong that he conceived it as "a place that would die with him".

Because of a disagreement about the site of the palace in the park, Knobelsdorff was fired in 1746.

Sanssouci and its extensive gardens became a World Heritage Site in 1990 under the protection of UNESCO; in 1995, the Foundation for Prussian Palaces and Gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg was established to care for Sanssouci and the other former imperial palaces in and around Berlin.

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Yeah I'm kinda wondering what he's going to think after a winter in Potsdam myself. Debbie I don't have much to offer about Potsdam but I would think apartments are very affordable there. The Tug Hill Plateau does gets tons of snow due to it's location being east of Lake Ontario.I live in Upstate New York (50 miles north of Albany, NY)and it's cold and wintery enough for me! Potsdam being north of the lake does not get lake effect snow.The palace's name emphasises this; it is a French phrase (sans souci), which translates as "without concerns", meaning "without worries" or "carefree", symbolising that the palace was a place for relaxation rather than a seat of power.The name in past times reflected a play on words, with the insertion of a comma visible between the words Sans and Souci, viz. Kittsteiner theorizes that this could be a philosophical play on words, meaning "without, beware" or it could be some secret religious message which nobody has interpreted, left to posterity by Frederick II.Hi, My nephew might be relocating to Potsdam, New York and I was wondering if it was a nice town to live in? They either are drawn by Clarkson, have a specific job bringing them there, or really, really enjoy winter. He's coming up from Orlando, Florida vowing never to return again because he doesn't like the heat at all. You can always put on more clothes - but in Florida you cant leave the house 6 months of the year.

It's not generally considered a place that people move to arbitrarily or due to any high quality of living index.

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I'll be interested to know how he feels after next winter!

Sanssouci is little more than a large, single-story villa—more like the Château de Marly than Versailles.

Containing just ten principal rooms, it was built on the brow of a terraced hill at the centre of the park.

Sanssouci is the summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, in Potsdam, near Berlin.