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Some rumors on the previous thread that Selena Gomez was/is struggling with some kind of cocaine issue; any truth to that?She's admittedly been to rehab several times now, but only "officially" for "stress, anxiety, and depression"....If Willis did anything for him, it's probably the only nice thing he's ever done, as Willis is a known asshole...

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) and only kicked the habit very recently (I think for the pregnancies). It was already noted that the kid was wearing Halloween makeup, and that there are hardly any pictures of their kids out there. The makeup isn't so heavy that you can't see face shape and general features.

She has a long face and other general features similar to Gosling Around when Eva was pregnant with her first child, the gossip was that she and Ryan had broken up, but then Eva found out she was pregnant and they got back together (insinuating that she got pregnant on purpose to 'trap' him).

Also: someone on the DL posted an (alleged) first hand account of seeing Eva Mendes making out with Harvey Weinsten in a theater behind them during a movie screening in the early 2000s (I *think* this was in Toronto, but I can't be sure). Eva Mendes was also rumored to be Denzel Washington's long time mistress during and after they made that movie together (I don't remember what it was called; "In Time" or "Out of Time" or something like that? Those last two items make me wonder if Eva was a long time gold digger and wanted to land Gosling for more than just "true love"...—Please post anything else you've heard about these two!

I agree with the poster on the other thread (thank you for sharing your insight by the way) that the double name thing is probably connected to Spanish culture--I'm still not loving the names though.

Continued from Part 8: Gosling creeps me the hell out.

There was a rumor that she was fucking Taylor Kitsch after True Detective II, they were seen eating breakfast together looking rumpled, but they could just as well been up late watching hockey.Shatner was supposedly involved with the death of one of his wives. Politics and News has Morning Joe as a possible murderer and Shatner might have been one as well.... She is currently bearding with Zooey Deschanel's ex, Jamie Linden.APOLOGIES for posting this again: I had just posted this (below) toward the very bottom of the last thread---and we were talking about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.I used to see Liev and Naomi on Bond Street every other day about 2.5 years ago. And when Naomi would enter a building, usually with kids after school, I noticed Liev would enter one further down the block closer to Lafayette the next time I saw him.Unless they own two flats on the street or something, I always felt this was so fucking strange. She's tiny and has aged facially like a weathered deck on Martha's Vineyard. I used to read gossip that he was allegedly bi, and also could be not so nice to deal with. Wish I knew more about the Mc Adams situation; unfortunately no gossip columnists outside of Canada seem to give a shit about her.