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The dream changed so I was fucking her on her back, her legs above her head. " "Yes daddy," Penny said, her face scrunched up in ecstasy. I wanted it more than I'd wanted anything in my life, and she herself had already given me the way.

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When I got home that night, Penny was already on the couch watching tv. I was afraid I smelled like sex, for one, but also because of what Laura had said.

Still, I sat at the kitchen table several feet from Penny while I ate.

"Yes sir." Laura, one of her best virtues, is she can make herself weep. "I'll do anything," Laura said, her voice thick with shame.

Though I loved my wife, nothing beats a young woman's pussy.

I speared her with my cock, grabbed her by the hips, and began to fuck her from behind.

Normally I can let her go on like this, but I was especially hard that night, and didn't have the patience. He's not the most professional - as you might understand, he's a man, and can sometimes forget he's a doctor when he's around pretty girls." She blushed. That makes sense." She didn't say anything else, just went back to watching tv. I trust you, and you'd be the most likely person to stay in control. An image of her flashed in my mind: little Penny, legs in stirrups, spread wide, my face between them. Tom is a bit too friendly with some of the younger patients, if you understand. "I'm headed for the shower," I said, blowing her a kiss on the way up the stairs. "Daddy, if you're nervous about someone staying professional, why don't you do it? I expected Penny to be joking, but when I looked back at her, she was sitting on the couch, looking so adorable in her little pajamas, hands in her lap. "I'm just going to have to think about it," I said. " Penny nodded, and got up to place her bowl in the sink. I put my coat down on the chair and came over to the bed. I reminded myself that it might be time to start dating again, maybe Tinder, so I could meet young ladies normally. I hadn't seen a bare pussy on someone who wasn't a whore in years. She separated her asscheeks and let me see her asshole and cunt, pink and wet. It's like a switch goes on when I have a woman in bed. I began to plough her so hard that I could hear my balls slap her ass. "Take my cock baby, take it kitten, yes that's it..." She was reduced to a screaming mess, groaning and moaning into the pillow.