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With the invaluable assistance of our volunteers, the Massachusetts Archives is engaged in a multi-year project to convert this voluminous amount of information into a database, which is available on the Archives website: Passenger Manifest (1848-1891) Contents As new surnames are entered into the database, the website is updated periodically to reflect these additions.

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Reference staff in the Archives will assist researchers in the use of these materials.

Vital records indices, dating 1841-1910, are also available on the Massachusetts Archives website: Vital Records (1841-1910) Contents In the future, additional indices will be made available on the Massachusetts Archives website.

Municipal clerks submitted these registration pages to the state annually covering the vital records generated by their offices.

While there is some variation in this information, generally the books provide names, dates, residences, occupations, and parental information.

Information available from the lists includes the name, age, sex and occupation of the immigrant; the country of birth; and previous residence.

Also included are the name of the ship, and the date of its arrival in Boston.

An incomplete collection of the printed volumes of Vital Records Prior to 1850, which are organized by town, are available in our Reading Room and in many research libraries, including the Massachusetts State Library.

The Archives also holds a miscellaneous collection of microfilm that has been deposited with the Archives by the Genealogical Society of Utah.

Public records are not in the holdings of the Archives because of inherent genealogical value.

However, these documents can be an important resource for people engaged in the study of family history.

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