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We were all high now and there was an air of expectancy.

Lizzy was slightly shorter than Tina and she had bigger fuller tits.

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Sure was the answer and I want us to party tonight Lizzy said putting her arm around me pressing her tits in my back.

One of the guys that was sitting nearby was eyeing me with a strange look…get that a lot, I think they are jealous because of the attention foreigners get, (dollars makes the difference).

I noticed then that Gary was getting a HJ right there under the table from his girl. Don’t shoot your load on my trouser bro I said to him.

I said then to Lizzy why don’t we all get a couple of drinks and some of the local meat sticks and go to her room. It was bigger than Tina’s and there were chairs and a lounge suite.

So you girls want a drink I asked while she was still staring at my dick.

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