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Not like the others, we have worked with the biggest companies. Professional Designs Others just carry the same templates for over 10 years.

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Made from lightweight Fibreglass with a strong durable yellow gel coat exterior finish these rear plates are perfect for twin-shock or air-cooled mono trials bikes.

Should e Bay sellers wish to design their own e Bay template, then they can take advantage of the e Seller Manager.

In this regard, you might also want to design a brand logo.

In many cases however, listing templates do more harm than good, costing money and time, while providing little in terms of value to your business.

You can find here the best e Bay templates available on the web; both paid and free, so that you can learn from my mistakes. Although e Seller Solutions offer a chargeable service, it’s an investment that often pays dividends in the long run.

Using a needle, pierce a hole in the corner of each template (the holes are marked on the print outs). Turn your model over, place a trinket or sweet inside, and then fold each of the four flaps inwards. Place a small roll of tape over the model (this will help keep the model closed whilst you tie a double knot in the cotton). Snip the ends of cotton so that your loop is approximately 8cm long and tie a knot in the other end!