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The exhibitonistic drive and the strong effort are to admire.

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A popular contributor to the early GGG films, Sarah’s exotic good looks (along with those of Lynn, Ginger and a few others) helped give a rich, multi cultural variety of girls to the larger orgy scenes so common in the primary years of GGG.

(the bottom two pictures) is also a bukkake/gangbang featuring Sarah as a fluffer for a room of men and a mature German woman called Chantal.

The whole film is less than an hour long and reuses multiple cumshots filmed from alternate angles.

(whose images are those with the watermark at the top right). Screenshots follow: A clip from an unknown film linked here shows that there’s a chance Sarah went on to do escorting after her GGG career ended.

Many thanks to forum contributor Pierre for the alert.

Yet another non-GGG clip of Sarah playing a hooker emerged – many thanks to site user Yookie for the alert – this time she’s hanging around a railway station.Unsere Gruppe liebt dieses Video beim Rundumwichsen. Dieses verehrenswerte vorbildliche Paar soll wissen, dass es sexuell zuur hemmungslosen Selbstbefriedigugng oder zum Voegeln mit der Partnerin fuehrt.Wie viel tausende Menschen da schon einen Orgasmus gehabt haben!This also shows she was willing to try anal sex, too, although she never did for any GGG films.This is the only footage of Sarah performing anal known to exist.Fine sandpaper (say 600 grade) usually achieves this is , but personally i used a fine razor blade.