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You then are told to fill out a background check (which gives ID thieves a ton of personal info) and wire them money for one month's rent and deposit. However, if you think "well, I'd never send money to someone I'd never met" you should also know there is a variant of the scam that involves people actually showing homes to you and collecting the money there and then.

They'll even give you a set of keys (not that they'll work) and a signed agreement.

They gain access to the home through various means, including getting the keys legitimately from a home that's on the market, and then renting it out to dozens of people in a single day.

Watch out for this one, and if you receive an email that references leaving the country and low rent because money is needed , add it to your spam filter.

Some people have even been killed in the robbery attempt.

This "lure" scenario has happened many times over the years, and as always Craigslist advises you to meet in a safe, secure location, go with a friend (or two), and if in doubt, back out.

First with the money, and second when you get turned away from the event.

A similar scam involves genuine tickets that get canceled after you buy them. You purchase the tickets for less than face value, thinking you have a bargain.

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