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When going to the beach you are advised not to take documents, money or valuables with you. Some of them may be open as long as there are guests.

Restaurants: The menu includes mostly dishes of both the Bulgarian and the European cuisine. Shops: Shops in the resort are open every day, including Saturday and Sunday.

This picture was taken at Buzludzha, in Bulgaria Ms Litchfield said: 'Some people may see the ruins of this time as destructive but I see the beauty in the decay like a memory hanging on that will soon be lost in a breeze.' Pictured is a Soviet submarine Ms Litchfield risked radiation exposure and was even arrested and interrogated in her bid to picture the remains of the Soviet empire.

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Banks: Banks are opened Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. You will need your passport for cashing cheques or exchanging currency. Credit Cards: The main international credit cards are accepted at the big hotels, shopping centers, the car hire offices and some restaurants. You will be provided with more detailed information at the reception desk in your hotel. You will only be charged for using deckchairs and parasols.The stickers on the shop-windows or at the hotel entrances will provide you with information as to which credit cards are accepted. All payments should be made in the national currency. Water: Tap water is chlorinated but completely suitable to drink. Population: The population of Bulgaria is about 8 000 000 people, 1 150 000 million live in the capital, 450 000 people live in the sea capital – Varna. At Hotel Antonio Conference you will find a communal sauna, hammam and a 24-hour front desk. Hotel Antonio Conference is 5 km from Brzeg Castle. Albena is one of the most beautiful sea resorts on the Bulgarian seaside . Albena is situated only 30 km away from Bulgaria's sea capital Varna. It has over 14 900 beds in 43 hotels (2 to 5 stars), situated at the very beach or at the picturesque hills with exciting views of the sea and the “Balata” National Reserve.During the High Middle Ages, the town was expanded with an additional settlement a few kilometers north of the stronghold and chartered with Lübeck law. Within the Duchy of Pomerania, the town was the urban center of the secular reign of the prince-bishops of Cammin and their residence throughout the High and Late Middle Ages.

When it was part of Brandenburgian Pomerania during the Early Modern Age, it withstood Polish and Napoleon's troops in the Siege of Kolberg.

From 1815, it was part of the Prussian province of Pomerania.

As the Nazis took power in Germany, the local Jewish population was discriminated against, determined to be subhuman and eventually subjected to genocide.

Official Holidays Safe: It is recommended to keep valuables and documents in the safe you will be provided at the hotel reception.

In case of any loss or theft, please approach your guide.

Pictured is the Buzludzha in Bulgaria Ms Litchfield said while she and her companions managed to stay hidden for most of the trip, their good fortune ran out when they were joined by military at a secret radar installation.