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You can block distracting sites but keep education or other sites unblocked, helpful during homework time. Usage reports show you who’s viewing what and for how long.Home Halo costs , available from their website or Amazon.For example if your 10-year old uses the family computer and a game console, and your 15-year old uses an i Pad and a smartphone, they can each have different filtering levels and time limits.

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You can block or allow by category, such as all Social Media sites, or just block specific apps.

For example you could block all social media, or you could allow Instagram but block Kik and Oovoo.

With Safe DNS you can protect your family from network threats such as malware and phishing web sites.

Some of the other features include a customizable content filter where you can block websites by category, or block/allow individual sites.

It is common these days for each member of the family to use more than one Internet-connected device. In addition to home computers, you’ve got smartphones, tablets, i Pods, gaming devices and smart TV’s. I just counted 15 here – 2 TV’s, 1 computer, 2 laptops, 1 Kindle fire, 2 i Pads, 1 i Pad mini, 3 smartphones, and 3 (old and rarely used) i Pods. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could monitor, filter and control usage on any of these devices without having to install something on each device? Here is a round-up of parental control tools that cover every device in your home.

They do this by either replacing or connecting with your existing Wi-Fi router.Learn more: https:// Safe DNS is a cloud based service, similar to Open DNS.You don’t have to install any software (but you can if you want to use the Safe DNS settings on a PC away from home).Home Halo is an option similar to Circle and Koala Safe. You can then configure and manage from the web or an app for i OS or Android.With Home Halo you can set up a profile for each family member and then set their allowable internet usage times, and content rule.With Open DNS your settings will apply to all connected devices in the home.